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Jun 26, 2005
everyone list as many midwest tape only releases that you know of, and where they're from. here's all the ones i know about, some of them i found out by InDO. here they are:

Playya 1000 "Reality" (OG tape only release) (Tulsa)
Playya 1000 "Blame It On Society" (OG tape only release) (Tulsa)
Small Town Playyas "What You Didn't Know Bout Life In A Small Town" (OG tape only release) (Tulsa)
Dayton Family "F.B.I." (OG 1991 tape only release) (Flint)
Dayton Family "Dope Dayton Ave" (OG tape only) (Flint)
Jake The Flint "Out 2 Get Rich" (OG 1992 tape only) (Flint)
Top Authority "Somethin To Blaze To" (OG tape only)
N.F.T.P. "Skandalas" (Michigan)
Black Hole Posse "Dirty Cops" (Denver)
Black Hole Posse "Still Gettin Jacked" (Denver)
South Side Posse "Partners In A Criminal Organization" (KCMO)
CCG "Streets Of Rage" (KCMO)
M.O.S.S. "Erb-N-Reality" (Flint)
DC Boys "Bounce Roc Skate" (Tulsa)
Point Blank Range (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Variety Of Sinz "Hellavish Blaze For The New Year" (Flint)
Black Pearl Mafia (STL)
Black Mafia (KCMO)
Direct Assault "Another Black Victim" (Denver)
O.G. Riff "Shit Happens" (KCMO)
Mr. Hershey#1 "Pimpology" (Omaha)
Lon Mac "Playa Hustla Balla" (Omaha)
II Bit Mob "The Game Of Life" (Michigan)
Dead Endz "Nutz Of A Young Balla" (Chicago)
12 Boys (Chicago)
Edge Of Elimination "Paid To Talk Shit" (Denver)
Brothas Most Wanted "Spit N The Truth" (Denver)
Brothas Most Wanted "Niggas In Hats And Hoods" (Denver)
T-Loc "Drop Tha Boom In Denver" (Denver)
Central Style Sound "The Funk Is My Crime" (Denver)
D.T.E. "City Scene/We Haven't Forgotten" (Denver)
D.T.E. "R.I.P." (Denver)
44 Clique "Luv 4 Tha Game" (Tulsa)
40 Dogg & Ike Capone "Hobo'n" (Gary)
Artfull Dodgers "Dusted World" (Flint i think)
Criminal Background "Blood On The Wall" (Flint)
Doe "The Bad Ass Nigga" (Topeka)
Project Born "Crap Or Natural" (Flint)
Took-N-Bone (Flint)

i know of some others but can't think of them right now.
Jun 26, 2005
and i'm pretty sure that some of these were only released on tape. this is off someone's album list:

triple dubb "pain before pleasure"
brothas most wanted "faces of death"
brothas most wanted - fright night
mr.5150/julox "mr.5150"
boozilla "full fledged member"
young dozja "dank session"
central style sound "bounce to dis"
central style sound "creepin in tha lac"
hydro bass "evil side"
g/s.o.m. - who's got my back
g.s.o.m "gangsta state of mentality"
big rat "real nigga killa"
mr.spookie tee "eastside life"
a.r.g. - lyrical ammo
a.r.g. - maxi single
a.r.g "pussy bustin gangstas"
midwest gangstas "party in tha projects"
tripps entertainment "suicide/fuck dj quik"
didas "tension"


Sicc OG
Jun 30, 2005
open them with Photoshop and rezise them to 500 x 500

or upload them somewhere - there are hundreds of sites for images upload
Oct 25, 2005
CCK - Squad Muzik (Columbus)
CCK - Criminal Minded (Columbus)
AK - Da Midwest Playa (Columbus)
Scandalous - 211's To Get By (Columbus)
On Ya Face Recordz Presents - Hilltop Niggaz: Da Compilation (Columbus)
Chronic Killa - Solo Tape (Columbus)
Scandalous - Hustlin Hard Mixtape (Columbus)
Esham - Boomin Words From Hell (Detroit)
HOK - Head Trauma (Detroit)
Flawless World - Soundtrack (Cleveland)
Lord Infamous - Lord Of Terror (Memphis)
Lil Glock & S.O.G. - Blow A Nigga's Ass Off (Memphis)
DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Come With Me To Hell 1 & 2 (Memphis)
Project Pat - Solo Tape (Memphis)
DJ Paul - Vol. 12 & Greatest Hits (Memphis)
Juicy J - Greatest Hits (Memphis)