Meth head glad to be alive after meth lab explosion

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7-1-3 Click

Jun 24, 2003
dayum. hahah. dude was on one for real!! shit, like maybe 2-3 years ago, maybe more cuz it was right after my 2nd was born, this cat i was locked up with tried making meth in some run down apartments in terrytown. we live in a small town. combined we got like 30-40,000 people. people still manage to attempt the stupidest things. (we got some serious fucking weirdos here- fucking chimos and crackheads up the ASS) anywho- the apartments are like one story duplexes. and he TOTALLY fucked up the one he was cookin in. and the house next ended up with serious burns. i dont think they even fixed them shits up yet since its in the poorest part of the city. i'll put up a pic lata of it. still all boarded up and shit. cat almost killed himself. burned like over half of his body and face is all fucked up and shit. cant remembered what he faced. i know it was some federal time though for sure! but he was one of them cats that "ENJOYED" it in jail. felt more comfortable there then on the streets. hell, he had a 60 in. flat screen tv. ate 3 times a day, and kicked it with the was at home! haha -loser