Melbourne Show...

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Ferocious Mackadoshis
Jun 17, 2005
Shit was dope. Saw ECF'NW and a couple other cats I hadn't seen in a while, who else came thru!?

Also, I know this is a stretch, but TECH... if you happen to be reading this and wonder why I didn't kick back after the show like you asked, I didn't dip or ghost you, the venue promoters were on their menstrual cycles and weren't having quote "any friends or acquaintances no matter the relationship" and were on some pissy bitch shit the whole night, resulting in an exchange of words with one of the venue members before things escalated, so if any of you at 180 Russell St/Billboard are reading this who were responsible for promoting/running the show; you people are a bunch of fucking squares and need to bring it back to the Prince Bandroom, regardless of the capacity. Second time you peeved the wrong people off with your fucked up attitudes. Every time he's played at the Prince, there has been ZERO issues without you dictating on some fuck shit. You really are a bunch of fucking clueless minions.

Lastly, during the pre-show intermission after the shitty support act did his set, I noticed there was an unfamiliar drop thrown into the playlist (could be off the new N9NA album) right before Tech's set, which sounded like a flip or Part II to 'Strange' off of The Worst 2K, retaining the original hook (possibly revamped) and from what I could hear, had new verses and had a heavy interpolation of the original 'Cameo - She's Strange' synth and melody laced into the production with a Parliament/George Clinton-esque choir. THAT was one of the dopest drops I've heard in a long, long while and hope to god that it isn't a leftover or a hidden gem from the vault that won't see the light of day... and I'm out.
Props: siccmadesyko