Marv Won - The Way Of The Won

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Sicc OG
May 2, 2004
Marv Won - The Way Of The Won

1. Rite Back (Prod. Vaughn T)
2. What Up (Prod. Mr. Porter)
3. Thin Ice (Prod. Mr Porter)
4. Need To Know (Feat. Bilal) (Prod. Mr Porter)
5. Happy Birthday (Prod. Quelle)
6. Mill Ticket (Prod. Brenk)
7. Get Back (Feat. Fatt Father & Shim-E-Bango of Fat Killahz) (Prod. Lord Quest)
8. Axel Foley (Feat. Danny Brown & Chips Dinero) (Prod. House Shoes)
9. The Chase (Prod. D Fresh)
10. The Way It Goes (Prod. 14KT)
11. Talk About (Prod. Black Milk)

DJ House Shoes presents this scrapped, never before released album from Marv Won of Detroit's Fat Killahz for free download.