Lupe Fiasco's 2nd Album - The Cool

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Dec 2, 2005
Chicago-based rapper Lupe Fiasco is currently working on his sophomore album, The Cool, which he hopes to release this summer. Fiasco's debut album, Food & Liquor, was released last year but has sold a disappointing 255,000 copies since its release, due to bootlegging.

The rapper has a plan to avoid the same pitfalls. He told, "The timing is gonna be pop, pop, pop. There's gonna be a lot of setup and a lot of preproduction on this album, so it's gonna be in pieces. But the pieces won't come together, seriously, until like three weeks before it comes out. We'll probably record everything in, like, a week. So we're just gonna get it all together, map it out, have it done to a T, and then go and record. Then fresh from the studio, fresh to mastering ... so it eliminates a lot of time and error that was surrounding my debut."

As for the content of the new album, Fiasco plans to keep the production in house, with the exception of a track or two from Kanye West, and he plans to stay away from high-profiled guest appearances.

Fiasco explained, "I got the title, and I work top down....This album is gonna be a bit more streamlined and a little bit more focused, I guess you could say....Not a concept album. But I been wrestling with how to make the concept about what I want to make the album about fit but still have enough room where it's just not a full-on story about somebody else. Where you still get all the -- what I think are -- necessary ingredients to do a good, good album."
January 07, 2007
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