Looking For These CDs

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Apr 25, 2002
If you have any of these for sale, let me know. Or, if you are selling them on another website like Ebay, post up a link .

Northern California:

Full Clip – Who’z Ridin’?
Gangsta Rhyme Posse – Gangsta Rhymin’
G-Roc presents Major Playaz, Hustlaz, & Gangstaz
Jay Tee & Baby Bash present M.S.U.
Jay Tee & Young Dru – Out Here Hustlin’
J-Dogg – Oh So Real
Joe Blow – International Blow: The Fixtape
J. Stalin – Warning Shots Vol. 1
J. Stalin – Warning Shots Vol. 2
Manish Mike – Forever Living Manish
Messy Marv – Kocaine Ballads
Mista Bossmann – Pimp Or Die
Mistah F.A.B. – Fabby Davis: Hella Ratchet 1
N.B.G. – Richmond: The City That Kills
151 – Power & Privilege
Psycho Gangsta – Stories Of The Jack
Scoot Dogg – Game Twisted
T-Mo – Tribal Groove
Young Bo – Looking Death In The Face
Young D-Boyz – Straight Game

Southern California:

Big Doty – The Green Line
Bo Roc – My Music, My Soul
Bossolo & Fidel Locsta
Crimies – It’s Gonna Be Alright
Deesta Dee – 24/7 Realism
DMG & Daddy V – It’s Just A Ghetto Thang
Duces-R-Wild – West Town Records
Foesum – Futuristic G’z
Gonzoe – South Central Los Skanless 2
Gonzoe – The Street Album
Gonzoe – Year Of The Dragon
Gonzoe – Gladiator School
Gonzoe – Purgatory
Gonzoe – The Dispensary
Havikk – Worldwide Cartel
Jay Capone – My Crazy Life Vol. 1
Jay Capone – Hoodratz, Hustlaz, & Hardheadz: My Crazy Life Vol. 2
Jay Capone – My Crazy Life Vol. 3
L.A. Nash – Make Me Or Break Me
L.A.Z. – Trapped In A Time Zone
Mac Lucci – The Pre-Hustle
Mac Lucci – The Pre-Hustle 2
Mac Lucci – Cortez Music 4
Menace Clan – Da Hood
N.O.T.S. – True Blue II: You Only Live Once
Nuttz & The Relativez – Break Bread Mafia
Pomona City Rydaz – Walking Game
Prodeje presents Everything Hood
Prodeje presents Eternally Gangsta
Prodeje presents Trigga Happy
Quictamac – The Book Of Samuel: Chapter 1
Quictamac – Iron Fist, Velvet Glove
Slip Capone – Kill The Industry
Slip Capone – Greatest Features
Spider Loc – Da 1 U Love 2 Hate
Teardrop – I Got My Baby
Vontel – Vision Of A Dream
Wanted Gang – Gravediggaz
Wanted Gang – Big Homie Muzic
Watts Gangstas – The Real
Watts Gangstas - Affiliated
West Coast Gangsta compilations – Vols. 1-3 & 5-13
West Coast Stone – What It Do
West Coast Stone – Poplock Music
Young Dre – Revolution In Progress: The Movement


Ampichino – Da Krazies
Ampichino & D-Rek – Treal Shottaz
Big Bur-Na – Daze Of Bur-Na
Big Bur-Na – Left Fa Dead
Bone Thugs N Harmony – The Lost Archives
Boss Hoss – My Typa Shit
Cacie – Real Life
Chop It Up Clicc – Undatacuz
Chop It Up Clicc – 4 Much
Dalima – The Hangover
Dalima – Unleashed
Dangerous Rob – At Tha Bank
Dangerous Rob – S.I.S.T.A.
Dangerous Rob – It’z A Dangerous World
D-Loc – Narcissistic: The God Complex
D-Loc & Dalima – Gillhead Structure
D-Twist – The Barzzz Album
D-Twist - Trillmatic
Evil Loc – 2 Deep N Tha Game
44 Clique – Mind Of A 44
Hooligans – Tech N9ne Introduces
Kid Rock – The Polyfuze Method
Kid Rock – Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp
Lil’ Cacie – Underground Hoggin’
Macc James – Royalty
Macc James – Chop Suey
Macc James presents Chop It Up: Collector’s Edition
Mass 187 – Real Trues Paying Dues
Mass 187 – Krooked City
Mass 187 – One Eighty Seven Thugs
M.N.L.D. – The Arrival
9 Milla – Da Heat
9 Milla – Hustla By Nature
Nyke Loc
Playya 1000 – Cover Me, I’m Going In
Playya 1000 – Foe Da Mill Ticket
Playya 1000 – Hello, World
The Popper – The Turning Point
The Popper – For Tha Mo
The Popper – Here Comes Popper
The Popper – Time To Talk About Somethin’
The Popper & Big Ben – Pump Central Station
The Popper & Hustlamade Bugz – On A Mission
The Popper, Dun-Deala, & Walt Lee – Me, Myself, & I
Skatterman & Snug Brim – Worth A Million
Southside Posse – Ghetto Soldiers
Southside Posse – Anticipation Of Death
Veteran Click – Veteran’s Day


Evil Pimp – The Exorcist: Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Evil Pimp – Da Exorcist Returns
Evil Pimp – Da Bad Guy Returns
Hype Enough Records – On The Front Line
Krucifix Klan – Fuckin’ Wit’ Dis Klan
Krucifix Klan – Da Krucifixin
One Gud Cide – Look What The Streets Made
Pimpsta – Southside Soldiers
Pimpsta – Dickies & Houseshoes
Pimpsta – Texas Wada
Pimpsta – Smokin’ Big
Pimpsta – Dickies & Houseshoes 2000
Pimpsta – Kicking Real Shit
Pimpsta – I Wanna A Lac Like Dat
Pimpsta – Country B4 Country Was Cool
Pimpsta – What Goes Up Must Come Down
Pimpsta - Newpimp
Playa G – U Not My Lady
Playa G – Time Is Money
Playa G & Took – Diamondz & Woodgrain
Playa G & DJ Nite presents The Nitemare Vol. 1
Playa G & DJ Nite presents The Nitemare Vol. 2
Soulja Slim – Years Later
Soulja Slim – Da Nolia Soldier 3
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May 2, 2018
Lavish D never made hard copies. The only CD with him on the cover is the gangsta CD with tnutty and few other niggas. Hes on couple songs on it.

@bayarearapcollection instagram lots for sale
May 2, 2018
bearfootgang, which album lavish d never made copies?
Lav never made hard copies of any album. The ones on the website he had up were supposed to be pressed up but they decided not to.

The gangsta compilation is the only one he is on. If you see cml cds they are gonna be the manufactured on demand versions.
May 1, 2002
Lav never made hard copies of any album. The ones on the website he had up were supposed to be pressed up but they decided not to.

The gangsta compilation is the only one he is on. If you see cml cds they are gonna be the manufactured on demand versions.
This was my personal copy from years ago. Sold but rest assured its the real deal.