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EA SKI still makes some amazing beats (check out his facebook, he posts new ones hes working on that are quite good, although I think he keeping most those for himself).

But I kind of agree, in that I like to hear Locksmith over some other producers beats to. Like hearing him work with 9th wonder and others that can only be a good thing.
Which other Northern Cali rappers has RA worked with? Anyone know?
Off the top of my head can't remember anyone else besides years ago Ras Kass and him working on a track which I never ended up hearing and also he got a track with Hopsin called Underground Hits (Remix)

But here is a dope interview where he talks about his fav westcoast artists. Few years old though this one.

R.A. The Rugged Man Talks His Favorite West Coast MCs, New Rappers | Prefix

PARIS - (San Francisco) Was part of the Nation of Islam and was like the Black Panther rapper of HipHop, he had a Rakim style voice and had Immortal Technique type lyricism but over a decade before Tech was on the scene. He connected with Chuck D of Public Enemy and did a lot of shit with Chuck too.

KING Tee –
(Compton) I wrote one of my best demos to King T’s ‘At your own Risk’ remix instrumental that Marley Marl did.. King T had a universal flow. it was bouncy and B-boy enuff to get the east coast open but gangsta enuff to keep the West coast feeling him. The Alcoholics, Xzibit and a lot of other rappers came from what King T started.

CROOKED I – (Longbeach) – Crooked has bars and bars and more bars… Arguably the best member in Slaughterhouse.

ICE CUBE – (Los Angles) Cube didnt have a murderous precision flow like say a Big Daddy Kane but his rhyme style was really blunt, in your face and he said whatever the fuck he wanted. His infamous song No Vaseline is a good example. Last week I was asked my Top 5 most controversial rappers of the 90′s and Cube was on my list until I realized i didnt include ODB who in my opinion is the epitome of 90′s controversial HipHop, so I gave it to ODB instead but it was close.

RAS KASS - (Watts) In the 90′s I wasn’t stable and I was doing a joint with Ras Kass when i was out in L.A., I used to lose my mind, curse my self out in the booth, and break shit apart, I was going through a fucked-up time in my retard brain. Ras Kass told the engineer to record me while i was going nuts, so Ras had this audio tape of me punching myself and breaking up the vocal booth. That doesnt have shit to do with this list but fuck it, it’s a funny story.

Newer rappers he likes:

Fashawn is my man, I rocked some shows with him in Europe and recently I bumrushed his set and spit a 10 minute acapella. It was a dope night of HipHop. He’s a good dude.. I never heard of Big Krit. J-Cole does his thing, he’s nice but there’s a lot of MC’s i like better who get less recognition than him. Freddie Gibbs is nice too. So many dope rappers out there doing their thing, producer Ski beats did a showcase last week and this dude Locksmith tore it up.
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