LITTLE WEST - Shots Fired Recordings

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Feb 18, 2013
Visalia CA
how are you guys original? You sound like every myspace rapper with a cheap microphone, a lap top and fruityloops.
Original As in We use original beats N Shit 4 our albums. as in most foos use mixtape beats to get fame. We may sound similar but yall haven't heard shit all we post up on here is our 1st tracks we fucked wit
May 2, 2009
Shots Fired @Shots Fired , all i have to say at this point is the music you're making now will not land you a sweet 1.5 million dollar record deal. 'Cause hay un chingo de rap groups out there that are more deserving of that 1.5 million... You guys are going to have to work on your craft and really polish your skills up if you want a 1.5 million dollar deal like R @ROB RIZE .. Wish you vatos luck.
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