List Of Featured Tracks?

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Jul 6, 2002
Anyone got a list of Featured D.E. Tracks? Here's what I'v got so far:

From Loaded-
Siccmade House [Intro Skit]
Situation Feat. Botha Lynch & E-40
Heatas Feat. P. Folks & Brotha Lynch Hung
Die, 1 By 1 Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung
Secondz Away fat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Ice-T
Kick The Door In [Skit] From Blocmovement
Haunted By A Dream From Young Droop Moment Of Impact
Inhale Da Smoke From P. Folks Smoke, Inhalation Blood Sweat & Tears
Fuck Wit Us Feat. M-Sane From Streets Of Sacramento
Can't Close My Eyes Feat. B-Legit From Leaving The Life Comp
In My Lifetime Feat. Derange [From Heaven And Hell]
Drama Feat. Derange & Tallcan [From Heaven And Hell]
Ride Feat. Black C & Derange From Somethin Vicious Records Presents Our Side Of The State
Diggin All In The Soil Feat. Phonk Beta [From Phonkphenomenon]
My Valentine Feat. Malice [From Concepts]
Redemption Feat. M-Sane, Marvaless & P-Folks From Leaving The Life Comp
Up For Grabs Feat. Balance, M-Sane & Ace Mak [From Unda Da Influence]
Wheres My Checc (SKIT) Feat. Brotha Lynch From Bloccmovement
Siccem Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & G-Macc [From Dinner And A Movie]
Life On The Freeway From Equipto Cigarillos
Eyes On The Birdie From Smoov-E Long Duck Dong
Aint Not Da Bay Feat. Brotha Lynch From High Powered MDD Comp
She Wants To Thizz From Green Eyes Dose MDD Comp
High On Game Feat. Bee-Gee From Green Eyes MDD Comp
To The Next From Green Eyes MDD Comp
Dank N Drank From M-Sane Unda Da Influence
Know About This Feat. E -Moe From Dez Jakk Liquweed Smoke
They Ain't Knowin' From Dez Jakk One Dark Night
Intro - From D-Money City of Carnivorous
Sacrilegious Feat. AOD From Noncomposmentis
Sex Phen II Feat. Bee-Gee From Black Gorilla Milla Tactics
The Dawning Feat. C-Ride From Thru My Eyez
None To Die For Feat. Loki & Brotha Lynch Hung From Illigitamate
Freaks Galore Feat. Smoov-E From Mr. Biscuts
The Virus Feat. Bukshot, P-Folks, Dubb Sak, Loki, Bortha Lynch Hung, X-Raided From They Still Don't Love Me
There Should be quite a few more..
Jul 6, 2002
Wow nice list. I dont know bout that "Heaven or Hell". Whats that?
The Derange Album, No? My Boy hooked me up with those. Let me know if you think of more features D.E., plus The tracks I have listed from Once there was Farenheit, where those first on other albums? Or were they first time releases on that greatest hits CD?

Ok, got this one figured out:

Redemption and Can't Close My Eyes are From Leaving The Life Comp [Wonder how I missed this one, Rhapsody has it listed as Record Label: Fahrenheit Records Originally released: 10-OCT-2000] Is this correct? Another site has it listed as Foundation Entertainment Produced By You and Balance.

Up For Grabs Feat. Balance, M-Sane & Ace Mak [From Once There was Farenheit, originally from Unda Da Influence]

Found This out as well: Ride Feat. Black C & Derange: Somethin Vicious Records Presents Our Side Of The State.