limits to charges when you're car is towed?

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May 29, 2002
someone got my car towed yesterday and they charged me fuckin $520 for about 4 hours. does anyone know if there is some sort of limit because I feel like I have been assraped. it all just seems real shady. it was parked at a business and when i go into the business to get the number of the shop that they had it towed by, the guy that had it towed look EXACTLY like he was the father of the guy that released my car at the towing place. I would normally think its just a coincidence or something, but the towing service was located in Redwood City and my car was parked in South City. seems like they couold have easily had it tgowed somewhere a lot closer I dont know. I feel like I've just been a victim of some sort of scam.


for 4 hours? at the most you should've paid under 175 dollars...
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