lil mami-a.k.a-jmacc916

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Mar 18, 2006
Mar 18, 2006
now viewing the open forum....(nov,1.2007 9:35 am)

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May 4, 2005
from the 'Kavio is ballin on yall suckas!' thread


Nuttkase said:
Originally Posted by sexi_mami View Post
all his shit is fake looks like his wrist is turnig green with his fake ass style and those aint real dimonds with his fake ass glass those are cz i can tell by the quality they cheap guess his album aint doing to good huh
Ummm yeah...

Quote: :
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...I hope you are his sister or something or you are about to get clowned on hard lol.
Nov 11, 2006
LMAO, yall some funny ass muthafuccas. not that i feel like i need to explain myself to anybody, but fucc it, might as well....

if yall internet detectives woulda done your research correctly(or maybe u did and just forgot to post it) u woulda seen i was logged on pretty much that whole day (postin in the cavio thread)on my comp at my spot over here in northtown when that other account was created.

that other account was created from a comp on the eastside(remind u, while i was postin in the cavio thread on a computer on a whole different part of town). i've posted from that comp before because thats one of my chic's spots. she seen me postin before and hears me laughin my ass off from this funny ass shit. she mexican, and anybody who been wit a mexican chic know they jealous and crazy as fucc and i guess she thought i was tryna get wit some chic on the net and tried to catch me slippin. she pm'd me right away tryna play some part and i knew it was her. i checced her dumbass and she felt dumb as fucc.

to the nerd who first posted up ip's, im sure u can see which ip i post from the most, and its this one. i've only posted from the one he found a couple times, whenever im at my ladys house on that side of town.

tj, im glad u love me so much to make a thread dedicated to me u little fag. and the fucced up thing is, this aint even the first time u did this shit. u must be still butthurt cuz i exposed your bitch ass a couple months ago.