Lil Blood - I'm Mobbin' (Official Video)

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Dead Blue

Smokin Bud
Nov 14, 2008
I have never heard a single song worth listening to from Lil Blood, not even a feature on someone else’s that wasn’t ruined or dragged down by the verse of Lil Blood. Can someone point me in a direction on one or two really good songs of his to prove me wrong?
This is mostly true.

I think he sounds decent on this type of track though

May 2, 2018
4th quarter is literally the only decent slap of his, and its because HD made that track what it is lol

Lil blood is one of them niggas who started rappin because his homies rapped and they couldn't be brutally honest wit him and tell him his shit weak and it just ain't for him. We all know a nigga like that
May 5, 2002
My fav Lil Blood song is still 'Sell My Coke'
After those kinda early Livewire days he went off on that niche lyrics tip. I remember seein him on Black Marc's interview saying he wanted to make "timeless" music. I figured he would go back to shit like Sell My Coke but nope. IMO thats the problem with the new music, it doesnt touch on life topics enough to make it a song that you can identify with for the most, other than your fav club song or some bs.