Life that i dont like

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Apr 25, 2002
my life is empty with no path /
always wondering how long this buzz will last/
and i snap back into reality and not remember the past/
I catch myself starin in the sky and starin at stars /
wondering why im here? to spit these bars?/
Mentally scared from being mentally sparred/
over and over wondering what is gonna happen next/
Liquor can make everything correct but this shit is to complex/
Im depressed, stressed and unimpressed/
at what i've been handed/
a life of nothing, water downed and rancid/
on the outside i show no signs/
people think im the happiest guy/
but if they only knew, if they only had a clue/
they would see my lifes blue/
and it gets worse when the fifth is through/
I drink to wash away the pains/
Drain away all the shit that i contain deep in my brain/
takes me to a paradise far and beyond/
irish car bombs got me speakin klingon/
but im at a happy place now/
nothing can bring me down/
lifes great neva frown until 8 hours after my last pound/
and im back in the life i wish i never had/
its sad and i wish i was exaggerating (sp) that its this bad/
but its not/
I got friends and no enemies except for myself/
becuz i contenplait (sp) My lifes wealth/
and its poor just like my health/
open heart surgery that nearly took me/
but the reaper shook me/ :cool: i asked him to book me, and i asked the devil to cook me/
But they wanted me to suffer/
so they sent me back to my like of clutter/
tears of my brother and mothers/
shows im loved/
everything back to how it was/
God im more than buzzed.........

sorry, some ramblings, drunk and needed to get shit off my chest...thanks for reading