Let's Make The Worlds Longest Lawn and Garden Thread Ever!

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Girbaud Shuttle Jeans
Dec 10, 2006
infinity @infinity Ne Obliviscaris @Ne Obliviscaris

1.Fix Ya $hit Intro (feat. JZ as Bishop Don Juan & Go Pops)
2.Bay Area Perspective (feat. E-40, Keak da Sneak, 4rAx, J. Stalin & Turf Talk)
3.Blowin Money (feat. J. Stalin, Mistah F.A.B., Eddie Projex, 4rAx & Mahasen)
4.Omg (feat. Husalah, Parnell & D-Lo)
5.Can't Tell Me Nuthin (feat. Mac Dre, R.O.D., Keak Da Sneak & J. Stalin)
6.F*ckin Wit It (feat. Yukmouth, G-Stack & Beeda Weeda)
7.Not Enough Real Ni**as Left (feat. 4rAx, Alley Boy, Philthy Rich & Young Bleed)
8.No Sleep (feat. Stevie Joe, Clyde Carson, Ya Boy, 4rAx & CMT)
9.Gangsta's Playground (feat. V-White, 4rAx, Philthy Rich & C-Bo)
10.Rockin (feat. Lil Blood, 4rAx, Mitchy Slick & Laroo)
11.Every Weekend (feat. Erk tha Jerk, Mike Frost, Kaz Kyzah & Scoot)
12.Lonely At the Top (feat. Sunni Ali, Nate, Shady Nate & HD)
13.Get It Done (feat. P.S.D., Dubb 20 & J. Stalin)
14.Bout Doe (feat. Young Bari, Young Byrd & Young Gully)
15.Water (feat. Deev Tha Greed, 4rAx, Nephew & Lil Mikey)
16.Bust Back (feat. DB The General, Yukmouth & Band Aid)
17.Bout It (feat. Pretty Black, B-Legit & Cursinado)
18.Soul Musik (feat. Mistah F.A.B., Casual & Nio tha Gift)

Zippyshare.com - The Mekanix - Chop Shop 2 [2014].zip


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
speakng of, is it me or was this a subliminal to killa tay/ap9? Nuttkase @Nuttkase

Sounds like it. Talking because of the mashups right? Because I know B used to lurk here back in the day, wouldn't be surprised if he still did.