Lemoore 559 - Young Rich and Cisko of PBC

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Dec 6, 2002
Here are the news taken from BayUndaground.com for y'all:

Young Rich - Tha Streetz

We are back with some more detailed information on the upcoming, sophomore solo album by the Lemoore, 559 area code representative named Young Rich. Made Of Brown Productions record label is planning to release "Tha Streetz" this June. Homeboy rap fans should expect guest appearances by P.B.C., Never, Baby Boy Ene, Droopy Lector, Mr. Mentiroso, Sonny Boy Lokzter, Mr. G, Shadow and more. Visit Rich's MySpace page to listen to a couple of previews and peep label's official website. Peep the full tracklist below:

01. Intro - The Streets
02. We Be Some G'z f. Cisko
03. Dead Inside
04. Freaky Tales f. Cisko & Lil Chris
05. Your Effect On Me f. Cisko & Ghetto Blaster
06. Valley Thuggin' f. Mr. Mentiroso
07. My Homie f. Davina Sierra
08. Minds Twisted
09. Sic Sick Six f. Baby Boy Ene & Droopy Lector
10. I'm A Go Getter f. Nikko & Ghetto Blaster
11. Until They Murda Me
12. Still Walkin' f. Never & Cisko
13. Real Gangstaz f. Mr. G & Sonny Boy Lokzter
14. The Streets f. Droopy Lector & Elitze
15. Never Fall f. B.M.K
16. California f. K-1, Kool Ayd & Elitze
17. Forgot About You f. Smokey, Ben Davis & Droopy Lector
18. Homeboys f. Franky Hood, Mr. Mentiroso, Young Notorious, B.M.K, Milo, Loop, Shadow, Sonny Boy Lokzter, Baby Boy Ene, Cisko & Droopy Lector

Cisko - From The Streets 2 The Sheets

This is not all from Made Of Brown, as this label is also working on another solo by the P.B.C. member Cisko aka Innocente. It's been 4 years since he came out with the joint project with Jessica. Now he's back with the album titled "From The Streets 2 The Sheets". This project combines various aspects and mixes underground sounds with mainstream music. That's the origin of the title: "streets" stand for gangsta rap, while "sheets" mean calm R&B songs. You will obviously hear lots of Central Cali homeboy rappers featured on this one: Busta Brown, Young Rich, Milo, Loop, Lil Chris, Cachun and more. The label hasn't published the official release date yet, but they are aiming at this Summer. Visit Cisko on his MySpace page.

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
Thx homie didn't realize it was already posted at the top of the thread in small letters. lol.
me either hahahahaha i see it now...hyperlink in red....

Rich is the homie and his flow is fuckin sick! support this and also swoop up
"THE BEGINING" if you see it out there...!!
Jul 30, 2003
Much love to all that support us n much love n gracias to khamenei for throwing us out there. The albums real close to being wrapped up. By the end of next week it should be off to press. Got a lot of features on this one n its gonna be a heated homeboy album. Got a couple songs on there for the ladies as well. I'll keep you all posted. The official tracklisting is above. Once again gracias to all that support us and to khamenei for showing us love.