latinos in hip hop

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Apr 12, 2005
It aint our fault....majority of latino rappers ..especially mexicans rap for themselves..they want the label chicano rap...Im not saying everybody...but when you point the finger at us you are wrong
Jun 17, 2005
hiphopcritik said:
why do you automatically put us in our own category like we cant rap

come on man

check out this group they are proving people wrong mixing skills and dope music

the future now!!!!
I'm not sure if you're really trying to have this discussion or you're just using this for promotional purposes... In your signature you're pointin out the fact that you're a "Latino" rapper... I'm a latin rapper... it doesnt bother me if people put me in that category as long as they recognize that I'm a latin rapper that can get off... is just the was it is man... People will automatically place you in a category... I dont think is a bad thing... nor do I think is a good thing... it is what it is...
Jun 15, 2005
...what coulda been a decent dicussion has now turned into a self-promotion Noiz said, maybe that's what is was in the beginning...


Sicc OG
Nov 10, 2004
DoughBoyX4 said:
im a latino so i got da right 2 say diz whenever a Latino makez it big they alwayz rap about latino diz latino dat we gotta stop dat shit cuz im fuckin tired of it
Yeah, but if they're making money off of it they should keep doing it. I'm against all that ethnic pride shit, but if you're making money off of it you might as well keep doing it. Refer to the AM KIDD post for further explanation.