Latest On Matt Hardy/WWE, Future Not Looking Good

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Sicc OG
May 10, 2002
Latest On Matt Hardy/WWE, Future Not Looking Good
By Dylan Jefferson

08/22/2005 - Credit: Newsletter

Since his return to the WWE in July, many watchful eyes have been on Matt Hardy within the company. Some feel his push could be greatly reduced following his match with Edge at SummerSlam depending on the way things play out. In regards to WWE making the decision to bring Hardy back, one veteran WWE wrestler added, "That's the typical Vince McMahon. He'll tell you, 'My mistake' and talk you into coming back, then as soon as you sign, it's like, 'F--- you, I own you for two years' and he makes you miserable."

Others feel he has no chance of really furthering his character in the company, with one WWE wrestler adding, "Hardy has too many enemies in power who have to be proven right about the decision to fire him in the first place. He has no chance." Even though Hardy was brought back to the company largely based on crowd response, nothing has changed in regards to how WWE management viewed him a year ago, with that being a mid-carder who has potential to move up the card over time. "He may move up to the next level," says one WWE wrestler. "But not if he cuts too many promos like that first one."

Hardy worked his final appearance with Ring of Honor last Saturday in Chicago Ridge, IL against Roderick Strong. According to reports from the show, Hardy received a very lukewarm response, with many siding with Strong right from the start. Hardy also received a mixed reaction at ROH's event in Dayton, OH the day before in a match against Homicide. From what is known, Hardy has fully committed to all of his independent dates and will now resume a full-time schedule with WWE. As far as where this takes his character, in feud with Edge & Lita or not, no one really knows.