Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

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I am looking forward to Slapping this album in the car all summer. T-Nutty never disappoints me because I have been buying & collecting his albums since 2004. I have seen him get a lot of criticism because people feel like he should be bigger than he is, like on Mozzy's level or more. There is no denying though that T-Nutty is one of the Siccest Flow Masters out right now. I do miss the chemistry of - T-Nutty - Bishop - Sav Sicc - Bleezo - on the same album like on the Nutt Factor Project album. I still Bump that in the car, that's some true Floheakin Mobb Classics.


No Flexxin No Fakin
Apr 1, 2003

Whats your thoughts on Sac it up n serv it?

I slapped most tracks off that for like a solid 6 months.

my fav...

also the first slangn n bangin had some fire too imo..

i can remember playin these multiple times thruout the day heatin up my amp and blowin fuses and subs lol....just bein a complete nuisance in traffic.


Feb 14, 2004
That nutty is dope he’s not gassin every track but it’s dope that political prisoner is stupid dope I’m surprised nobody ever brought up that liq “hungry” album he gassed that shit
Jul 18, 2014
Nutty dopest music was on initiation. Every dolo has a few slaps but never a full slap worthy project. His features are always gas though. Great mc but always lacked the production and overall ear to deliver a classic. I take smigg dirty's first 2 tonight shows over t-nutty discography
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