Keyshia Cole Mom Is Not Dead

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May 20, 2002
Some of you may have heard the rumors about Frankie. Keyshia management put to rest all rumors.

Dispite all the phone calls I'm getting left and right, Keyshia Cole's mom, Frankie is alive and well. So now everyone can rest easy now.

Imani Entertainment, Keyshia Coles management team, put to rest all the rumors you're hearing on the internet about Frankie passing. I'm personally happy they were quick to respond this rumor.

“Imani Entertainment has received a huge amount of inquiries in regard to the rumor about Keyshia Cole's biological mom, Frankie Lons, having recently passed in an automobile accident,” the company said in a statement.

“The rumor has absolutely no truth to it -- Frankie has not been in any accident of any kind and is doing well at home in Atlanta.”

“We want to thank all of Frankie's fans for their concern.”