just gettin the word out...

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Mar 4, 2007
damn, i didn't even know there was THIS much goin on for prospective high school math teachers...
i'm writing my english paper on the decline of math teachers 7-12 grade for california
man i think imma be set once i graduate..

ok, now random facts i found out...
i only heard about this one before today:
Loan Forgiveness for In-Service Teachers
In October 2004, President Bush signed the Taxpayer-Teacher Protection Act, which extends Stafford Student Loan forgiveness up to $17,500. Secondary school math or science teachers, and elementary and secondary school special education teachers, may be eligible.
but then i kept reading and found these aweseome ass scholarships...
im thinkin maybe i should pull out another loan for myself, just for living expenses and whatnot, cause that might be the only loan i'll have to pay back.

if this decrease continues, then shiiiet, i'll be set and not have to worry about pay back those damn stafford loans.
if these come my way, then i'll be set for my last 2-3 years of school.
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Prospective Secondary Teacher Coursework Scholarships
Scholarships, up to $10,000 each, are awarded to full-time college or university sophomores who are preparing to be certified teachers of secondary school (grades 7-12) mathematics. (Supported by the Texas Instruments Demana-Waits Fund)

Prospective Teacher NCTM Conference Attendance Awards
Grants, up to $1,200 each, are awarded to full-time undergraduate students who are NCTM student members and are preparing to be precollege math teachers. The grants cover travel and subsistence expenses to help students attend an NCTM annual meeting or regional conference. (Supported by the Julius H. Hlavaty Fund and NCTM)

coo shit huh?

yeah, just wonderin, anyone else tryna do the same kinda job as me?
im having a hard time deciding whether or not i wanna teach middle school or high school.
middle school would be cool, and thats the age that you can really inspire kids and whatnot, but high school, those kids deserve a second chance with math,and hell i could maybe inspire some in that age, yeah i dunno...havin a hard time,
but then, some dude, he said i should try elementary school, cause thats where the conditioning really starts, and thats true, but i dunno.
hard decision...
Mar 4, 2007
in middle school i sure as hell didn't find shit, except self-loathe

but yeah, i know a lot of my guy friends that didn't do good in high school(almost all of them, i was always the 'nerd' of the group lol) they mostly got fucked over(discouraged by teachers and peers) in middle school with their passion for school and it always started with math.

math teachers pretty much suck, because most of them have the typical engineer personalities, and its just not very helpful in a teaching environment..
but i dunno, i like math but i guess you'd say i have the art teacher personality lol