Juror: I was pressured to convict black man

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Evergreen Hustlah
Sep 13, 2005
Tha Eva Green
this sum shit to even say...it's even more fucc'd up cuz it could be true

Man says jurors, judge applied ‘heat’ to get verdict in slaying of white teen

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - A juror who helped convict a black man of fatally shooting a white teenager said he felt pressured by other jurors and the judge to change his vote to guilty during a marathon deliberating session.

The jury convicted John White of second-degree manslaughter Saturday in the August 2006 shooting of 17-year-old Daniel Cicciaro Jr. White, 54, remains free on bail and plans to appeal. He faces a prison term of five to 15 years.

The case drew national attention after defense attorneys argued that he feared a "lynch mob" had come to attack his family when a group of angry white teenagers gathered outside his home. The teens wanted to confront White's son.

Juror Francois Larche, who is white, said he and another juror changed their votes after enduring "a lot of psychological tactics" from fellow jurors during an unusual weekend session ordered by the judge over jurors' protests.

"It was a huge burden to bear," Larche, 46, told the New York Post in Monday's editions. He added, "I took a lot of heat."

Forewoman defends deliberations
Jury forewoman Maureen Steigerwald denied the judge, a 12-hour deliberating session on Saturday — the fourth day of deliberations — or the holidays played a role in the jury's decision.

"The jury did a very careful, conscientious deliberate job," she told Newsday in Monday's editions.

Judge Barbara Kahn said the jury would have to return on Sunday if they didn't reach a decision. Larche told the Post the judge told them a mistrial would burden the families and the next jury.

"I thought about my family and the families of the other jurors," Larche said. "It was not worth it in the end."

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Dec 25, 2003
Of course you gonna be pressured by other jurors...

Who the fuck wants to stay for a weekend?

I was on a jury once in a murder case and the dude was obviously guilty. Bloody ass finger/handprints, eyewitnesses, receipt from buying the knife, etc.

This gay ass white liberal hippie bitch was all worried and trying to figure out what the defense attorney meant by 'a crime of passion' and all this other shit.

I basically told her listen bitch, he obviously killed both the women, what the fuck are we waiting for, etc. And the bitch shut the fuck up and delivered a plea.

What matters is the trial, not the deliberations. You have to listen to the evidence in the trial. Deliberations arent the time to fuckin worrry and wonder.
Nov 27, 2006
fool clearly shot the kid on purpose, im not sayin he wasn't justified but thats the law- unless they come in your home you cant shot them. This juror needs to shut the fuck up because hes just tryin to start some bullshit based on race. If the judge truly did intervene in the jury process on either side then thats fucked up but it looked like the majority of the jury wanted to convict regardless.