JULY 25th - Game Insane "BRAINSTORM" - JULY 25th

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Apr 25, 2002
More details about where to cop the dope worldwide in the weeks to come...We'll be out in Bay/Sac Area for the next mont or so promoin this CD..Hit us if yall see us..

We got this MySpace thang spreadin like wildfiya...Yall knew we would...Add ya boy..We posting 4 new songs off the upcoming album BRAINSTORM every week for the next 4 weeks....

Find us @ http://www.myspace.com/gameinsane

Yall already missed the 1st 8 trax but stay focused..Heres how it goes down..

This Week.

09. This Planet
(T-One, Mr.Maja, LOE)
10. 20/20 Feat. Mastamind
(T-One, Mastamind)
11. My Way Feat. First Degree the DE
(T-One, First Degree the DE)
12. Contemplationz
(T-One, MuB)

Last Week:

01. Brainstorm
02. Face Lift
03. Tell Me Somethin'
04. International Networkin'
05. We 2 Boss
06. Tranquility
07. Genius Ideaz
08. Invincible Feat. K-RINO

Next Week..

13. Innovate
14. Season Finale
01. Brainstorm
02. Face Lift

Find us @ http://www.myspace.com/gameinsane

Let me know what yall think...