Johnson and Johnson vaccine stopped after it causes blood clots ! they want you dead! ha ha ha h haha ha haaaaaaa

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Hood Rat Matt

aka Goodfella (since '02)
Oct 19, 2009
East Oakland (Hills)
The Office Manager where I work puts big pressure on all of us to get flu shots every year. Meanwhile, her department is always sick because they're obese gluttons. Proper nutrition, exercise, and good sleep...and don't watch the news all the time. IMO that's what everyone needs to do. Keeping the hating and victim mentality out of our system is vital.
May 4, 2002
I took a flu shot once, got sick as fuck. I ain't putting no rushed china virus vaccine into my arm.

Eat healthy, take ur vitamins and wash ur hands. U should be good.

Someone asked if I got vaccinated and I was like fuck no, i got the weirdest look ever. Funny shit
Jun 13, 2018
Gotham City
the sheep out there think the Media news loves them and that the gov cares about them. CNN is evil and hates Americans. It's good to see a lot of people against the vaccines masks and lockdowns all over social media now though. Just a few sheep actually think the news anchors care for them lol