Joe blow got his chain snatched

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Sep 23, 2016
So you believe that:
-Joe blow has a house.
-Someone broke in and stole his chain that he just happened to leave chillin there.
-the thieves gave the chain to awax
-awax posted evidence from a home invasion robbery

How else he get it then? If someone would of snatched off blow You don’t think there would be some footage out? If blow makes a report about the chain he’s a snitch and he may as well start a group with Hus and B.A. you really think he’s gonna make a police report about that shit?
Mar 11, 2013
I slap both their music but nobody is fucking with awax as far as street shit goes. He's always punking and bitch slapping rappers and nobody ever does shit to him but talk shit on the internet. The man has every right to flaunt Joe's chain and clown his ass lol.
cause they know its not gonna end well to them lol everybody is scared of the dude fo real...
Apr 10, 2006
Was bout to comment wasnt Blow just on "What happened to the world" or w/e the song was 2 years ago on an H CD? and then "this post is unavailable"

went on his page on another post it showed a preview of dude who tagged blow and the lash money dude asking why he deleted the last one. clicked that post and that comment was gone.................

Rappers needa learn to stay off social media if theyre faded or just angry. stop puump faking