J-Diggs in the Guiness Book of World Records?

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Aug 18, 2006
i didn't even know Diggs had that much material out, i'm still trying to cop jdiggs.com the songs i heard off it were knockin but i'm in AZ and rapbay still has the shit on the preorder cue for some reason. i know the shits out already
it aint out yet but he got it on itunes weeks before the release but its been there for a month or somthing like that. not such a good idea to release so many cds so close to eachother, record sales arnt doing good and you got other rappers/albums to compete against. In these times you even forget about albums and a newer one come out and a loss of interest on the previous new release, next week after that a new jacka duo and blah blah blah... imma listen them first tho but that jdiggs.com come out nice
Apr 28, 2003
The concept for the album is interesting, might have to check this out...don't mean to ruin it, but MF Grimm released a 3 disc album called "American Hunger", a few years ago.


Big Dant looks hella funny in that last pic...

i'd like to hear what's up with this...even tho Diggs is kinda hit or miss w/ me, i like a fair amount of his music...hopefully little to no Haji on here