Is it safe to say that A-Wax won the beef with Hus?

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May 22, 2006
It seems like up until recently there was no clear winner. You had two groups. One group sided with awax n said hus is a rat cuz there's no way you get 3 years for 30lbs of yayo. And then you had the other group who said awax was wrong and that hus got lucky and the court made an exception for him.

Those two groups of fans seemed to all be outspoken regarding who they sided with. Only a few people were neutral.

It seems the winner emerged after the incident in Texas where hus got his tooth broken out and jacka got slept. To make matters worse jacka went on an interview the next day saying how awax got beat up and how his team was victorious.
Awax made a video Right after to how he had no marks on him thus proving jacka to be full of shit.

Did the fight make hus n jack lose all credibility? Hus hasn't said anything as far as I know as now it seems people are more open to the fact that getting a 3 year sentence for 14birds is not realistic under normal circumstances.

It seems the tables have turned. Awax career progressing while hus and jacks seem to be circling the drain.

Am I trippin or is this actually what's happening
Dec 2, 2003
I've always seen Wax winning, not just because if the fight, but music wise. He's networking more than Husalah and dropping more music and it's not garbage. Who else in the bay is dropping albums like A-Wax?

I don't support snitches and rappers that wear capris.... Yes Hus was wearing capris at his show in Sacramento.
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