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Jan 4, 2003
Check out the interview we've conducted with the man behind horrorcore homeboy release "Talez From The Morgue" - Smiley aka Sykotik:

[ ] : Let's start off with some basic information about Smiley - tell us where you're from and who you are.

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : What's good! The name's Smiley Locztero aka Sykotik. I'm 22 years young N I'm repping that Le Grand Killa Cali Merced County. But right now I'm livin' in West Texas. I grew up in the same town as my homie Menti from 209 Studioz and my cousin A.L.G. They were the first to put that town on the map. I'm just trying my best to keep it alive. Shouts out to all my Le Grand Enes out back home from Washington st. 2 Santa Fe st. to Chapman st.! and I wanna say r.i.p. to the big homie Reaver!!

[ ] : Is it West-Mex, Sykotik or maybe Smiley Locztero? What's up with all the names?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : It's actually Smiley aka Sykotik, the reason is 'cause I've been called Smiley Locztero most my life, so I wanted to keep it a part of my rapping name, but the shit I rap 'bout gets people to give me feedback like "your phsyco" or "your crazy", "do you really do that type a shit?". I've always liked to spit dark type shit, so that's why I changed my name to Smiley aka Sykotik... When I first started spittin' back in '06 some homies out in Texas gave me the name West-Mex, 'cause I was always on the west side of town day or night, I was on the block 24/7, I was home away from home type shit. And at that time I only talked 'bout hood shit, nothing else, I kept that horrorcore aside, I wasn't sure if people were ready to hear what I had stored. But yea West-Mex died bout 2 years ago, LOL.

[ ] : Describe your music style.

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : Hmmm my music style... Well it's pretty graphic shit haha! I try to give people that visual concept, so they can picture what I'm saying n feel my lyrics even more. I do a mixture of styles, no love songs though, I ain't with that shit, haha. But I do music for the homies and as well for the sick-minded people out there. I'll try to bring both genres together in some songs. I do for example that "Northern Cali Sickness" song, which is one of my favorite songs off the cd.

[ ] : Why did you choose a horrorcore genre?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : I chose it, because it's something different from what everyone is rapping or hearing nowadays. When I turn on the radio (which is hardly) I hear the same shit being said just on different types of beats. So I wanted to stay away from the crowd. I want to stand out from everyone else... Plus I have sick ass thoughts to bring to the mic.

[ ] : Truth is, horrorcore is not so popular among West Coast rap fans. How would you recommend people to check out your music? What's in it that makes it unique?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : Well as of right now the only way for me to get people to check out my music is through YouTube. Thanks to Califaz Rider, he's helping me promote my cd on his channel so that really helps a lot. They can look me up on YouTube under "Smiley Aka Sykotik" and hear what I got... And what makes it unique is that I can kind of bring Norteno and Horror rap into one, so it brings both kinds of listeners to listen and like my shit.

[ ] : Tell us about your record label 51/50 Musick. Who's in it? What are its plans for the nearby future?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : Well I started my label back in the day when I was given that name "West-Mex" back in '06 and as of now the only people that are in my label is just myself. I got a street promoter who helps promote my music, his name is Racoon out the 530. And as far as future plans I got something in the works right now. I'm working with a lot of talented people out here in Texas to where I might be putting those people into a rap group. They don't got no one to push them or a spot to record at, so I'm helping them get heard. And one rapper I got be on the look out, 'cause this guy has talent. He doesn't spit horror, but he's really lyrical 'bout his shit. He goes by the name Dee and he will be featured on my next project. I will also be helping him put out a mixtape under 51/50 Musick.

[ ] : You've just released a horrorcore compilation titled "Talez From The Morgue". Please elaborate on this one a little bit more.

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : Yeah, "Talez From The Morgue" was actually supposed to be called "The Devils Rejects", but a lot of people used that title on most of their shit so Me and Skarekrow wanted to re-do the title. I tried to get the well known horrorcore artists on this, so it would help out the lesser known artists who are good in need exposure like my boy Skarekrow; that's one sick dude, haha. I tried to keep the album strictly sick shit and I did. I wanted to make sure each song was as good as it could be; it was supposed to be released last year on Halloween, but shit happened. There was no money to help go further in the process. That's why it just got released this year.

[ ] : "Talez From The Morgue" basically features local, rather unknown rappers like Skarekrow, SKR group, Dosia Demon or Valatiel. Tell us about these artists.

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : Yea, I got a lot of well known people on that cd. The group SKR is actually a huge horrorcore group and 2 people out of that group I happened to get were Komatose and Razakel, which most people heard on Redrum's song "Pentagrams And Bloody Eyes" from the cd "Dear Satan". Dosia Demon and Valatiel are 2 of the rawest dudes put together on the mic. Dosia Demon's been making music for a long time, the same for Valatiel, Dosia actually helped with most of the connections on horrorcore artists for the next project in the works, so you know I gotta give 'em a shout out - Thanks Dosia!! And Skarekrow that's my boy right there; I heard his shit back in '07 and I was like "Damn, dude's raw". Once I had my lil setup I hit him to start making music, this was like in 2009 and we've been making songs since. Skarekrow's one of the artists I wanted to get known by a lot of people, so that's why he's featured on most of the songs. He's from Sacramento just like the homies Akazie and Rob Rize - 2 more raw artists! If you haven't heard of them then you need to look 'em up asap and support 'em!

[ ] : We've heard that you've only pressed 50 copies of the album. Do you plan to re-press it? Are you happy with the acclaim of the project?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :Yeah, I wasn't sure this cd was going to be a big hit, so I pressed up 50 copies only and little did I know I was wrong. I'm actually still kinda thinking if I should re-press it. I wanted to make only 50 copies, so it would be a hard to find cd type shit. And yeah, I am happy with the acclaim of the project for it being my first cd.

[ ] : I've heard you're already working on another compilation project called "Minds Of Physcos, Killers N Gangsters" which is going to be half horrorcore and half gangsta rap album. How would you reconcile these two genres? What homeboy rap and horrorcore have in common? Who's going to be featured on the cd?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :Yeah, I'm working on a 2nd project. I wanted to make it half horrorcore and half gangster type shit, so it picks up both types of fans and more people get noticed quicker that way. For the well known gangster features I got Tito B, Big Tone, Big Oso Loc, Lonelyboy n more... All on one song, which is going to leave a scar in the Norteno genre. The details I can give 'bout that song is called "Ride Together", which will be 8-9 minutes long with all sorts of homeboy rappers from all over the California. Now as for the horrorcore features I'll have more of Dosia Demon, Valatiel, Redrum, Skarekrow, Rob Rize, Akazie and maybe either Mars or Kung Fu Vampire - one of those along with some new underground artists...

[ ] : Let's talk about northern California horrorcore scence. How would you describe a horrorcore artist?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :Well every horrocore artist has their unique look like for example Mars rocks the Hannibal Lector mask, while Kung Fu Vampire paints his face white. We all have our own styles like Brotha Lynch talks 'bout eating people, Mars will talk about every subject known to shock people.

[ ] : Horrorcore is still not that popular in northern Cali, yet the scene is expanding as we speak. Please point out the most known representatives of this genre.

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :Well it's been expanding; people just haven't been exposed to it yet. Well people I think who represent horrorcore would be people like Mars, Kung Fu Vampire, Brotha Lynch, Dosia Demon, Shy One, Kid Crusher, SKR... Those are the ones who are making some noise right now in the horrorcore genre.

[ ] : What artists (not necessarily horrorcore) would you like to work with?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :There's only one person I would like to work with, but I know it would never happen and that person would be Woodie. He was my biggest inspirations to start rapping. R.I.P. to a Northern California legend...

[ ] : Except for the "Minds Of Physcos, Killers N Gangsters" compilation what are your other plans? Can we expect to hear a solo album by Smiley?

[ Smiley aka Sykotik ] :Yeah, you guys can expect to hear a solo soon from me. Right now I'm just trying to establish a name for myself before I do drop a solo and of course I'm going to limit the features, but till then I gotta find the right producers, because I'm picky about the beats. But yeah, be on the look out, 'cause you will hear more of the dark shit I got in store coming soon. I'm also trying to help out one of my friends Dee put a mixtape out, so like I said be on the look out for him as well. Guy has got heat for that ass, 'course it will be presented by 51/50 Musick...

To contact Smiley visit his Facebook profile or hit him directly through his e-mail: [email protected]
Mar 17, 2010