Interview with San Francisco duet Evenodds

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Jan 4, 2003
Interview with San Francisco duet Evenodds (D.E.O. and M-A) conducted freshly by

Check it out in our Interviews Section; here's just a part of it:

[ ] : What's good DEO and Money Alwayz! Let's tell the world about the Evenodds duet. Where are you from and how did you two hook up?

[ D.E.O. ] : Initially in Middle school, but Evenodds didn't actually start until High School Freshman year... so like '99/'00.

[ ] : From what I know you started your own label - Official Bizness Ent. - in 1999. If I'm not mistaken back then you were... 15 year old? How did you manage to start you own company being so young at the same time? Did you get help from someone with bigger experience in the music business?

[ M-A ] : Wasn't nobody fuckin' wit us...

[ D.E.O. ] : LOL, yeah! We wasn't getting any support so we just started buying our own equipment and started doing songs. Our motto was always keep it official so I sorta ran with that and established Official Bizness Ent. Damn, near the same day we rocked up Evenodds.

[ ] : Before rap fans could put their hands on Evenodds project there was The Officials V. 1 album - the label's debut release at the same time. Tell us about The Officials group and its first cd.

[ D.E.O. ] : Some bullshit now honestly... Nowhere near a right representation of us. Someone couldn't have thought that we would be making the music we was making today, back then. And I say that because it was ignorant and one sided... We were always dropping jewels and being conscious about current affairs and shit, but we were VERY under developed...

[ M-A ] : We were just young and doing music... All of it was recorded on D.E.O.'s KORG D8 and beats were made by my brother Bern on a Roland D5 drum machine... BEFORE Pro Tools and and all this other shit.

[ ] : I've heard that "The Laxative" album by The Officials was sold in more than 7000 copies out of which almost a half was sold in Japan. How did you get into a Japan rap market?

[ D.E.O. ] : Luck like a muthafucka! LOL... there was this Japanese guy who we approached when we were selling cds downtown in our city, San Francisco, and he could barely speak English! But he had this magazine. It was kind of a Source, Lowrider, FHM all in one and it was a thick ass magazine. [...]