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Jan 4, 2003
We've had a chance to talk with South San Francisco artist Sleepy Santino, now known as Loyal-T. Check out the whole interview at - here's just a part of it:

[ ] : What's good Loyal-T? Shed a little light on who you are, where you are from and what you do.

[ Loyal-T ] : I own Heat Street Records, was born in San Francisco, raised in the city as well as South City and at the present time I reside in the North Bay. My only interest is to put my full 100% effort as well as heart and soul into whatever I do whether it be music or not and see where that takes me.

[ ] : Back in the days you were known as Sleepy Santino or Yung Xcell when it came to producing. Today you're Loyal-T. Tell us what made you change your rap name.

[ Loyal-T ] : I was known before I did anything major with music as Sleepy, so Sleepy Santino was just a way to differentiate myself from others. Yung Xcell was just a producing alias I used 'cause at first I was just a producer and didn't really focus on rapping as much. It's probably obvious but I flip flop on shit a lot as far as what I want to do, but in the end I created Santino; I've created Yung Xcell; they are just names. I can create Loyal-T as well. The most important factor is the quality of the music and my music and what I want to do with it is different from when I dropped 2 projects as Sleepy Santino, so it's 2010 and time for a clean slate. Also with those 2 first projects I don't feel I was as consistent quality wise as you need to be. I want every track you ever hear from me to be a solid well thought-out effort not just something that is thrown out there. From this point my main focus is to make good music and be as consistent with that as I am capable of.

[ ] : Let's move back even further. How did you begin the adventure with music business? Did you record anything before "Norte 4 Life"? What was your first official appearance as a rap artist ?

[ Loyal-T ] : Music is a passion of mine whether I'm recording my own or not. For most people it's not if they like music, it's what music they like. I myself like all music that is creative and done well [...]

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