Interview with Hugh E MC

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Jan 4, 2003
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[ ] : Hugh, please introduce yourself to our worldwide audience, tell us where your are from and where you live these days.

[ Hugh E MC ] : I am the OG Frisco Legend Hugh E MC... for those who don't know me. Many know the hit song "Keep A Bitch Broke" (the official name of the song is "The H-Niggaz Grove") which was my biggest hit to date. I stay in what the young cats call Downtown Fillmoe these days.

[ ] : What was it like growing up in SFC back in the days? How would you compare the streets of San Francisco from back in the days and the ones we have today? Where are the biggest diversions?

[ Hugh E MC ] : The streets of Frisco have changed a lot. I think my generation was the last generation to get that real "goodtimes" type of family love. Most of us did not grow up in homes with parents on crack or if our parents got hooked on crack we were already preteens or teens. That makes a big difference. Since that was the case we respected our elders more so we received mentorship from the older generation. I hustled so well and put my gangster down so smooth, because I had OG mentors who schooled me. Today most of the OGs are smoked out and the ones that try to give the YGs game are ignored, because all the youngsters know older folk for is being on dope... Who's gonna respect a dope fiend? Who's gonna respect a person who disrespects oneself? Today most kids in the hood got parents that fuck with some kind of dope. There has been murders and gun play in Frisco for decades now. Things really escalated once crack hit the streets back in the 80's. That's when I was banging, the 80's and 90's.

Back in the day you had more of a code on the streets. Today cats can shoot your momma, ya kid or anybody if they cant get you. Back in the day if we saw you with your momma you got a pass, or if a baby was in the way we would get at you later. Also the streets is full of snitches today. Muthafuckaz will sell you out quick. Another sad thing is the divisions we have in the hoods. The whole uptown downtown thing in Fillmoe is crazy to me. I banged for the whole Fillmoe back in the day, we were united. The 1st hood I saw break up and start beefing amongst themselves was Sunnydale or the Swampy Desert as I like to call it. The whole up the Hill Down, the Hill Thing. Then Hunter's Point sets that were united began beefing with each other. I'm from the whole HP, Fillmoe beef era and man all of HP was united from Hollister to 3rd, from Oakdale to Harbor... one big ass set. Shit is crazy. Too many punks with pistols... I'm old enough to remember, in Fillmoe, even if you had a gun when you feel out with another Fillmoelian you put the pistol down and chunked'em from the shoulders. I won some and lost some to cats way bigger than me... cats I probably should've shot but I stuck to the code and knuckled'em up. It seems a lot cats today are scared to fist fight.

[ ] : You were one of the pioneers of Bay Area rap game, so who was before you? Who were your rap mentors / idols?

[ Hugh E MC ] : I always shout out the Frisco Kid. I think he was from Lakeview. He was the 1st Frisco rapper to be on major radio. Rag Top productions and Davey D-Jam put out the 1st record I know of in Frisco. Many people place me and Too Short in the same school but actually he is my OG and I modeled my record company and rap style after "75 Girls" & Too Short. I soon started selling tapes around the hood after I heard Too Short's "Invasion Of The Flat Booty Bitches" and "Blow Job Betty" on tape. I've always stove to be a lyricist. Being able to kick lyrics on a high end level has always been important to me, so I studied Rakim, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and other high caliber MCs. The only rappers I can say I truly "idolize" are Run DMC. My name - Hugh E MC - is a take off of Run DMC. A lot of people don't know I wear glasses and my homie Stace (RIP) used to tease me and call me Huey MC like DMC who wears glasses too. The name stuck and yo here you are.


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Nov 20, 2005
i met Hugh E at a San Quinn show in Morgan Hill. Nobody knew who he was, he was jus chillin watching Quinn perform, and i jus went up to him and asked if he was guna perform. He looked surprised that I knew who he was. We chopped it up for a bit, hes a humble person. much respect to the OG