Interview with Agerman

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Dec 6, 2002
#1 proudly presents a brand new interview we did with Agerman, formerly of 3xKrazy. Big thanks to Smokey from Yay Area Ent. for arranging the whole thing. Read the whole version here:

[ ] : What's good Agerman. Where does your rap name come from?

[ Agerman ] : My nickname used to be "The Teenager" so when I turned 18 I was like "I ain't gonna be a teenager for too much longer", so I named myself Agerman. I just took the Ager of of teen and put man - Agerman...

[ ] : Back in the days how did you hook up with Keak and Bart? Were you living next to each other?

[ Agerman ] : Naw, we weren't livin' next to each other. I hooked up with Keak & Bart. I hooked up with Keak at our school Bret Hart Junior High, that's where I met Keak. Bart, I grew up with him, it was around my uncle's neighborhood, so I've been knowin' Bart ever since we was lil kids...

[ ] : You recorded a couple of albums together. Which one's your favorite one and why?

[ Agerman ] : Man "Stackin Chips"! It's my favorite album of that whole 3xKrazy career. "Stackin Chips" was the one, because we was focused, we was hungry, you know what I'm sayin' - we was fresh out. It wasn't we not been out, famous been makin' money from this. We was still hungry, so it was like man the creativity was big & we was all on one accord. We was all thinkin' the same, niggaz wasn't thinkin' I'm bigger than him, he bigger than me you know what I'm sayin'? We was just all hungry man & it made us become a unit, we was just lyrically unified & just man that album was BIG, mayne. That album sold like 400,000, almost gold, probably gold now.

[ ] : You also released a duo collabo with Keak as Dual Committee. How did it happen? Where was Bart?

[ Agerman ] : At that time we had just broke up as a group. Keak went solo & then with Dual Committee just me & Keak wantin' to keep it goin'. There was a lot of discord with the group with the business, with the people we was hooked up with. But me & Keak we was so tight, we was like "Let's keep this thang goin'", so thats why we dropped the Dual Committee.

[ ] : Ever since "Immortalized" you were not so active on 3x projects. You eventually left only a couple of verses on "Real Talk 2000". What was the cause?

[ Agerman ] : Well, at that time I was gettin' ready to go gospel you know what I'm sayin', it was like wasn't really tryin' to hang around the studio & do a lot of tracks, because I was changin' my life, because of the things that conspired with the whole group thang. So I was changin' my life at the time. I started doin' gospel songs and try to stay away from the negativity goin' on. I was like "I got a future here & I ain't gonna let 1 situation take me down". I only did a couple of verses & then I started doin' solo stuff.

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Mar 20, 2006
[ ] : You represent "older" generation. What do you feel about hyphy / party-like sub-genres? Is it the way to go?

[ Agerman ] : Hell naw. Hyphy ain't the way to go. 'Cause I think the way to go is not a movement. The way to go is bein' original & bein' who you are & bein' an artist & sellin' your music.

Good stuff
Apr 25, 2002
Good interview but AGERMAN thinking he's the "future" of rap is outta his mofo mind. You can't be raps future w/o a national fan base