ICP On Nightline

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Sep 1, 2004
:eek: ^^

Necro did the verse on tour with ICP for hallowicked 2007. I saw him live in hartford on that tour :cool:
I'm sorry.

I would like to see John Tardy and Necro do their Prefix shit together at a show. I liked Prefix tho most people didn't it seems. Not talking about the straight up rap shit, but I mean his version of metal with rap. I thought he did a very noncommercial job without being a fag like Bless and just using almost strictly sampling. Having the actual vocalist jump on that shit was pretty ill.

Still Necro and Ill Bill fail for no Blood Brothers album. That would have surpassed anything they have or will ever do if they did it back in the day. Imagine if they had the production skills they have now with the flows and lyrical content they had back in the day. That would also been ill.

Anyway tho...
What did they say? ICP gets 10 million a year or some shit? The fuck... Their merch sales probably out weigh their albums sales on a LARGE scale. I don't even know what their new shit sound like anymore. They put out so much shit since I quit listening. Last Joker Card dropped and I was out like "We're not sorry if we tricked you... The fuck?"