Humans, Animals or the Planet?

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Mar 9, 2005
It seems everywhere I look theres a charity with their hands out requesting donations. I don't see anything wrong with this of course, but it is difficult to determine which one would benefit the most from your donation as there are so many charities out there to choose from. Personally, I group charities into two main categories (Human and non-human), with non-human having two sub-categories of animals and the environment.

I only donate money to animal and environmental charities as I figure that they are the most desperately in need of the money. I know it's tough having people die around you when they could be saved, but on a global scale, us humans are continuing to multiply and as a by product we are felling more forests, polluting more rivers, wiping out countless species and all together destroying the world at a never before seen rate.

With that aside, my question is this: for those of you who donate money to charity, what charities are they and why? Even if you don't donate to charity, which do you think are the most 'worthy' of receiving these monies?
Aug 8, 2003
the only real charitible contribution i make are to the homless people outside who ask for it.. u dont know how much money is taken out for some of those big programs... i was asked one time by my cuzzin how i knew that the old homeless guy i gave my 2 bucks too is really homeless.. i responded saying that i didnt have too. as long as my conscious is content that i did a good deed, i wont worry about wether i was taken advantage of or not gonna dismiss every homeless person as fakeing it because of the small percentage who do
May 13, 2002
The only money I donate is directly to the people, but never through charities. As far as animals go, I personally believe that until the last human being on earth is taken care of, animals should come second. The environment, on the other hand, should be well taken care of because of how essential nature is to human life.
May 12, 2002
I am sure if you look in your circle of friends or family someone could use the money for rent, school supplies, clothes, food, gas etc. I have giving my own time and volunteered for charities, but not money. I have a lot of family thats hard up, just this week I shot Pops a C note. Wish it could be more. I also donate money to Gerald McClellan (Boxer who almost died and is now in bad shape with lots of brain damage) every year.

I would look at your peoples around you and find someone that could use it and mail it to them without even saying who its from.
Sep 28, 2004
I would donate to animals, and the environment more than I would to people. I don't think I donate to people save for putting a few cents in those jars at stores.. or for cancer research.
Mar 12, 2006
The only time i donate is when the little jar is right there and i have change in my pocket. Tip jars...Cancer research...small little things...that way i know i helped a microscopic amount and i dont have to carry around loose change.