HOW THE GAME GO..........

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Jul 13, 2002
Ok, I am editing this since I only had time to copy and paste from the comment I left on Jay Tee's myspace page on this original post.
For those of you that have not swooped up the new solo cd; you're missin' out. This is (in my opinion) Jay Tees hardest solo cd to date, you really can't go wrong by pickin' this up. Hit up his page and check out a couple of the songs there, if you haven't already; that's just a small taste of what's on the cd. His track with Young Dru is just SICK!! All I'm sayin' is: if you're gonna buy a cd anytime soon; pick this up. It kicks the shit outta the other solos. Obviously the others are tight, but this is just off the chart.
Playa, if you're hittin' up Portland for a show, the boyz and I will be there with drinks in hand!!!