How rare are these?

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Apr 25, 2002
Lake Berryessa Comp Jerm??

Are there any tight features on there that are hard to find?? I;ll be ealing you when I get a free sec. Perugia is GREAT!! What a fuckin experience! I am still kind of getting adjusted to the new scene and new people from around the world, but its great. My italian is ON point... very righteous.

About Rebecca... I always knew she had an eating disorder or some shit. I would bring that broad out for nice dinners and shed order soup and take 2 bites!! Too bad I didnt have the opportunity to stick it in her before she blew up like a whale :devious:

Peace homeie and Ima try hitting your cell this weekend. PEACE, AL


Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
There's a couple of tight B-Legit verses, Luniz and 3X are on it, it's not bad, considering I've only heard it mentioned once before in my life. Paid a buck for it, so I'm not too worried...

Get at me! Not sure what the international calling situation is but I'm not working Friday or Saturday so you should be able to get ahold of me, if not, leave a # and I'll call you in Italy.

Italy sounds awesome, I may come visit over Xmas...