How much is worth

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Nov 27, 2014
Just curious how much money running a site like this generates each month from adds and the shop. Can you live off this shit?
Apr 5, 2016
from worth of web:

We are THE #1 Source for West Coast Rap Music! The Siccness Network
Estimated Website Value:


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Estimated worth of this website:
$ 14,441

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Nov 27, 2014
$14k annually plus what ever from the SiccShop so $20,000 a year probably. What does worldstarhiphop make? Cuz they charge to post videos don't they?
Apr 5, 2016
That $14k figure isn't the annual revenue, it's the estimated value of what the site would sell for. Plus I think that only really takes into account the traffic numbers for the site and not the value of the brand, etc.
exactly, except arguably there isn't much of a brand-association value when it comes to underground/regional music sales...

possibly for the news/message board portion but that is the portion with minimal worth.
Nov 27, 2014
Do the featured videos or stories on the front page something the rapper pays for is that just done by the site?


Composer / Producer
"Site Estimator" websites tend to have a reputation for not being accurate.

I've seen some of those websites appraise high traffic sites at like $20. lol.

That being said - without putting an exact number on it - I'd say this forum has probably generated quite a bit of revenue for the owner(s). especially in the pre-facetwitagram days. (Nowadays forum traffic is down as most people are primarily active on social media)

Now, that doesn't mean it isn't still generating some nice change now -- I'd say this site probably generates more than enough to sustain the site's operational costs and then some through banners, cpc ads, etc.


You also have to consider things that can't be measured in dollar amounts like opportunities that have been presented by patrons and site visitors through networking that have equated to additional revenue streams for the owner(s).

I'd say this site is probably pretty priceless to the site owner(s).

My $.02

May 25, 2005
i wonder how much it was worth 10 years ago though, nowadays if i come on every two days, i have about 2-3 pages max of new posts to go through...back then if i skipped a day i was at about 20 pages of new posts to go through...traffic hella dropped