Horror/Scary Movies Thread

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Mike Manson

Still Livin'
Apr 16, 2005
Haha, I always hated that part about Germany. Literally everything is dubbed.

Don't think so man. If I see something extremely corny, I typically turn it off right away. Thriller type horrors were always entertaining to me though. As a kid kinda liked Cujo lol.

Earlier siccmadesyko brought up The Strangers. The original is the French horror Ils (Them).

There's this one Belgium horror flick Calvaire, which was weird and creepy at the same time, but it's not for everyone, especially for the impatient lol

Mike, have you seen Trouble Every Day? I haven't seen that one yet. It features the same actress as in Inside (Beatrice Dalle)
Havent seen Trouble Every Day.

Troma movies are really bad, but meant to be that way.

I liked Calvaire. Just creepy and weird. Especially the dance scene!