good gosh lets beg studio tone to return

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Jul 12, 2002
Is it? I've been on site about the same time as you and have read pretty much all the speculation threads. I have never seen any definitive proof or even someone claiming it as obvious like in this thread.
Not definitive, but the fact that his name was Sick Wid It obviously means something. Over half of Studio Ton's work throughout his entire career was with Sick Wid It artists or affiliates:

Studio Ton Discography at Discogs: Production - Credits
Apr 25, 2002
yeah he admitted that he produced some tracks on Sick Wid It releases but never insinuated that he was anywhere near as prolific as Studio Ton.

the other thing that was questionable was his ties to the Northwest - didn't Sick Wid It say he lived/lives up there? has anyone ever confirmed if Studio Ton had/has any ties to the Northwest?

if all this has been answered and there are "obvious" supporting facts i guess i missed them