Gas One has a vagina

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Long live the KING!!!!
May 7, 2002
Gas still wont post his photo, been on nee 20 years, zero photo, wont talk to me in person, same with the other troll who post that fake ass hsit, where did they get those gay ass photos anyways?

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
1. A few letters were missing from your screen name because it was zoomed in enough to validate what the pictures actually were.
2. Gas one was never included in the IG threads. Lol
3. Nobody denied the evidence against you, and it was only brought up now because you wanted it out.. your actions prove so as I've already said that twice..
Close to 10 people were fine just laughing at it like fuckin dude...(no need or motive to fuck you over with it) YOU were finally in the mood to face it on the siccness and brought it upon yourself.
4.The "photoshop" mistakes you tried to identify are physco babble.
5. Your face was included in shot two where you made the comments about swinging hammer not being the nail. Conveniently ignored that didn't you.
6. It's funny you chose to say Faggots but Actually its fuck your life you loser.. all did you a favor keeping it private and letting me go untold on some nice guy: there's no reason to out this closet homo siccness guy...
7. Your posts show your obviously guilty AND on one so just leave alone already (your friends sre even trying to sway you to)

Lawyered and ethered. We're thru here!!!