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Jun 5, 2004
My money's on Watts Up
I think white bob is the only idiot who makes new screennames and posts some bullshit with one line in color and size 7... Peep his alter egos' posts, the asian "o'reary" guy, etc... Its always a hella plain s/n with the first letter of each word capatalized...

Plus its not hard to pick up on White Bob's trademark horrible taste in humor and wierd foriegner vibe. He is the most amount of pathetic, without being entertainingly pathetic, ive ever seen. Im not talking about magazines when i say that white bob has lots of TIME, but no LIFE. If youre gonna troll a forum because you have nothing better to do then thats one thing... But at least do it right... If u cant even troll right then you fail at life.

White bob- if youre reading this, please shove a crumpet up your ass and go crawl under a rock and die. thank you.
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Apr 20, 2003
Fuck what you claim ENE.... BTNT ENE$ homie, Beer Taco N Tiddiez Norteno at itz fine$t breh breh! Pullin them carne a$ada drive by$ on fooz

Coach E. No

Jesus es Numero Uno
Mar 30, 2013
When I was in highschool we made up our own gang. My friend Jesus started it. He moved from Phoenix to Menasha. We went to a hat store in the mall and all had SBP put on the side of our hats. The school called all of us out of class and had cops question us. It was fun at first but then we started to get threatened by real gangs lol. Well real gangs as far as Wisconsin is concerned lol. Shy Boy Posse 4 life! My buddy Jesus is a teacher now.
The irony is, I used to be in Shy Boy Posse NS X4 Watsonville. But now I'm in Jesus's gang. No Mac Jesus.

edit: I just read TJmaxx90210's post. Beat me to it damn it.
Props: erry and erry