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Nov 23, 2006
read if you dont mind a slight spoiler

I went to the preview screening for this movie and i thought it was gonna be gay but it was free so i went...I thought this movie was gonna be the same old story about a white teacher who comes and saves some ghetto kids and then they do good on some stupid test...but it really wasnt that and i actually liked the movie...its about a teacher who goes to a ghetto ass school where everybody bang with niggaz chunkin em pullin guns in class and shit all over race and respect and bullshit....the school dont give a fuck about the kids so the teacher works two extra jobs so she could buy them they own books and takes em on fieldtrips and shit...she gives em journals to write in...she really teaches them alot and they really come together which is crazy cuz its like the mexicans vs. blacks vs. asians but the kids in that class become close...its alotta shit that happen but overall this was a real good was people cryin and givin standin ovations and clappin all through the movie ...i thought theay was doin too much but that was me...i wouldnt be suprised if it won some type of i would suggest you see it when it come out

and the mexican beezy in it is so bad fa real
Nov 23, 2006
rose town ryda said:
is coolio gonna be on the soundtrack? took me a while to get that...gangstas paradise goes!!...all i can say is watch is a white girl comin to a ghetto school...but its different than the rest and the story is more realistic...i dont wanna spoil it tho....its funny cuz they even talk about that in the they tell her she think just cuz she white she think she can save them...but it turns out bein hella different


Cannabis Connoisseur
Jan 23, 2006
Rich City
gangsta paradise was the biggest load of shit ever.....and fuck another "look at the white savior teacher!" movie
Aug 26, 2002
NiNe2FiVe said:
Yeah this different movie sounds just like all the other "white teacher, black class movies" I liked it best when it was High School High.

a couple reasons...

one of the big ones is ...this is a TRUE STORY!

this bitch Divorced her husband cause she cared more about the kids