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Apr 26, 2003
East Oakland, USA
There was a hot ass Podiatrist, on that show the Doctors a few weeks back. I want to find were she practices, and get a job there.

In 2(ish) months I need to take my state board test for my license, and I need to bring a human model with me to do a haircut and a shave. I need to bring someone with (preferably) straight hair, and no facial hair for a clean shave example. Would you be interested in being my haircut?

It would entail going to Fairfield for the majority of a day, most likely a Monday. Bring a valid drivers license. I'd be giving you a more or less crappy tapered haircut as per their standards, and a spotty shave per those standards. After your haircut and shave you'll probably be sitting around for a couple hours as I do some other tests.

I am in the position to buy you lunch at the fast food place of your choice, give you control of the car radio on the ride home, and I'll fix the initial haircut and shave once we return.
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Judo Chop ur Spirit
May 8, 2002
I remember when E.1999 came out, and everyone was freaking out about it. It was meh to me. The same was with the aquemeni when it came out. Everyone loved it, I was like meh.