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Mixerr Reviews
Nov 17, 2012
Austin, Texas, US
Chree @Chree got hella outed on FB lol Handle that bruh bruh.

Bigg Chree
This muther fucker thinks hes gonna play me for a fool!!!! well home boy you left your laptop on!!!!!!! To all you little girls out there that think CHREE is all in love with you this is his gf ASHLEE who he is been with for almost a year & lives with hes old & broken & a worthless piece of shit he thinks I wouldnt find out locking all his shit but i found all your dirty ass laundry BRO I work I clean I do al that I cn for him I gave his ass a car & everything hes treated me like shit seens day one throwing fits punching mutiple holes in my walls caused me nothing but pain & he over here beening a whore on facebook with all these girls hella no if any of you girls want him fuckin take him cuz his ass can be back on the streets for all i care but know hes gonna do the same shit to you!!!!!!!!! peace christopher lee reynolds FUCK YOU
Wow!! Chree is a major dickhead. No wonder he fucked with my head.
Oct 19, 2008
Looking like I might need a app or wait for a update, I can still click where the video would be. And it'll play jus can't see what it is before I double click useless posted

Shits fuckin off my high, post if u know unlike WT Sav