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Mixerr Reviews
Nov 17, 2012
Austin, Texas, US
Looks like you guys ran Mixerr @Mixerr off the internet & now he has to go back to being C @carlos who is almost 1 years old.

Meanwhile all I wanted to know is when Big June was getting out, then Mac Jesus @Mac Jesus offed himself & now all we are left with is a hipster roommate.

Fuck the internet. Shit ruins lives, yo.
Mac Jesus DID NOT kill himself. Dirt E Needlez told me so. Don't start. Big June gets out June 1st. I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere. I just won the bid for the Suthern Merchandise cassette on eBay!! It was $40 total. Black, Lady Lunatic, K-9, Ricé, and Black Jay are on it!!