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May 7, 2013
Intermittent fasting in conjunction with active supplementation will melt the fat. I personally take MSM powder, B-Complex,C, E, L-Arginine , Grape Seed Extract, Potassium, Horny Goat Weed, Calcium, and of course add collagen near/after workout. A great place is the mom and pop natural stores, they often try to carry the best over the most marketed so normally a purer manufactured product. I also spike my workout water with unrefined mineral salt. I also 350 days a year do not eat sugars not already in foods and limit my sodium intake overall as sodium is my downfall more than sugar. Also marijuana, marijuana, and more marijuana, for recovery and zero beer (literally drank a couple beers in Detroit with old friends all year long).

As far as a specific marketed brand for supplements, I'll get back to you as I know of a good legit one that can be ordered online but can't remember name and need to hit up a contact first

I am in better shape (stronger faster leaner) than when I was a four sport athlete (didn't know shit about shit then) minus being old and recovery time being longer
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Sep 20, 2005
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