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Mac Jesus

Girls send me your nudes
May 31, 2003
Sorry I haven't been posting regularly but i have a hot french gf chilling with me at my sweet pad, just chilling you know, i don't objectify women really but my french gf is seriously beautiful and takes care of her cool body, i do consider myself lucky to have scored a hot french gf like her, anyway yeah just chilling w/ my french gf and smoking some green weed, she's watching the vampire diaries but idk it's not my thing, we're just getting high on green weed and a lot of it because me and my french gf have a high weed tolerance because we just idk smoke a lot so we're hungry and asked her to get that perfect beautiful personality up and make us some grub YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN, but idk it's cool that she didn't bc im jus trading shitcoins and she's tryna watch a show, so i made us some really honestly cool food, im seriously good at cooking really cool food, but lol get this, as i strut over to her with her meal she grabs it and presents to me and acts like she's dropping my food and i fucking honestly start to rofl and tears are pouring out of me from laughing too hard because i'm deep belly laughing like wtf this is honestly why i love my hot french gf, you never know what cool joke she's gonna make