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Mac Jesus

Girls send me your nudes
May 31, 2003
Idk wtf a waifu is but goddamn
Basically anime/cartoon girl. The one I had had some rare rainbow afro hair so it was sought after. I bought for 0.3 eth not knowing what I was getting but knowing I would make profit because it was middle of NFT season. Think that ship has mostly sailed with maybe the exception of GET which is in talks with Mark Cuban about possibly using NFTs for maverick tickets and maybe some shit like arte or mist because uniswap v3 will be utilizing NFTs for liquidity providers/yield farming and they seem to best set up for that. Just dropping the info that no one in here knows what I'm talking about.
May 7, 2013
I got perma banned from r/relationships because some fag wanted to argue about the definition of gay and attempted to say bisexuality wasn't gay. According to the dictionary that's hella gay and they got hella mad and got me hella banned. Not sure how providing a dictionary definition is homophobic and transphobic. Reddit is gay. The fags are ruining our society.