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May 7, 2013
Bitchmade Lebron James just bent the knee to China and threw Daryl Morey under the bus. Dude just picked money and China over human rights.

Lebron also basically said freedom of speech is dangerous.

Same dude that cried when people told him to "shut up and dribble" last year. Fuck Lebron.
He has to do what's best for his Nike overlords

Prob in his lifetime contract he signed in blood

At the end of the day he an athlete and not an expert on anything else
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Jan 29, 2005
im starting to hate driving and i used to really love it
Driving is fucking stupid and I hate every second I'm behind the wheel of my truck having to be among all of these mouth breathing retards.

Almost every time I have to go somewhere I'll get in my car in a great mood and within 10 minutes I'm cussing people out and yelling "retard" over and over killing my great mood.

Fuck driving.