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Smokers Only
Mar 21, 2011
Southern Cali
Twisted Insane - Sickopatomous
1.Exhaust (Ft. Charlie Ray)

2. Night Train
3. Parasite
4. Sickopatomous
5 Come Get It (Ft. Dayo G & Lady Insane)
6 Flame Broil
7 Keep On Going
8 Wytb (Ft. Brodie James)
9 Real Talk (Ft. Jada Lynn & Tanqueray Locc)
10 Relevent (Ft. Dikulz)
11 Hear No Evil (Ft. Bleezo)
12 Wading (Ft. Jada Lynn & Tanqueray Locc)
13 MDK (Murder Death Kill)
14 1 V All
15 Rivers Of Darkness
16 Kill Or Be Killed (Ft. Z (of Firing Squad))
17 Upside Down
18 Brainwave

Twisted Insane - Sick James
1 The Chow Hall (Intro)
2 He’s Here (Skit)
3 The Initial High (Sick James)
4 The Devils Playground (Ft. Rittz)
5 FYM (Fuck You Mean) (Ft. Dayo G)
6 Deal Wit It (Ft. Ryan Anthony)
7 Overkill
8 Six Nineteen
9 Copy Cats (Ft. Dayo G)
10 What More Do They Want (Ft. Swisher Sleep)
11 Danger/Big Junes Interlude (Ft. Big June
12 No Love
13 Rndd
14 Runnin On Empty
15 Infinity (Ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & Charlie Ray)
16 Top Ramen
17 Trust Nobody
18 Delusions
19 Sick James (Ft. Andre "Cutty Dre" Mehr, Charlie Ray & Ise B)
20 Deific (Ft. Buk Of Psychodrama)
21 Wfwm
22 The Bad Guy (Sweet Dreams)


Well-known member
Sep 8, 2018
I'm watching an ASMR video as I read my book, some dude walking in the rain in Japan.. That place is so clean, people leave their bikes unattended all over :/

amazing how nobody steals? people steal pot plants and used slippers here, that bike wouldn't last 5 seconds here