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May 7, 2013
I just read a story today that a pedo in Wisconsin was let out of prison, but had to wear an ankle monitor. He cut off the monitor just a few hours after being released and hasn't been seen since. You legit can't mentally help pedos, they're gonna have them urges for the rest of their lives, straight up pieces of shit.
We can help them with lobotomy and castration. Of course that would be unfortunate for the 5% that end up wrongfully convicted, but America's memory is short.


Aug 22, 2003
Seattle, WA
fresh shaved head on deck ... about to lift some weights... tgif (for me)
hell yeah
i just shaved my head the other day
i was shaving it with a #1/2 guard but i said fuck it and adjusted the clippers to as close to 0 as you can get without cutting yourself and have been doing it with no guard. feels great. i dont really miss my hair tbh


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Sep 8, 2018
10k for fifa players


After spending $10,000 in FIFA, player realizes it's 'not worth it'

A 32-year-old FIFA player named Michael told Eurogamer that, thanks to the new General Data Protection Regulation in the UK, he was able to go back and take a look at a whole bunch of data EA collected about his play sessions — including the amount of money he spent in the game. He was shocked to find he spent more than $10,000 on the popular soccer game.
May 7, 2013
when i lost weight my body didn't seem to care where it found energy from. i burned up a ton of muscle as well as fat. you might get into a situation where you lose a ton of muscle but never quite get fully lean then when you add on that muscle again it'll come with more fat than you want.

good luck. im really interested in what'll happen with exogenous hormones in the mix. maybe you'll be able to actually pull off recomp where you're burning off that last bit of fat yet adding muscle at the same time. i was never able to do that shit it was a waste of time for like over a year lol... or maybe they'll just add muscle and little to no fat then you can cut afterwards
It's crazy how it does not hurt one bit when you feel your body eating its own fat but when it's eating the muscle.....that shit is painful than a mf on the nerve level without morphine. On the flip side it is good for the spirit, helps remind you what death can taste like. On the chemical level it's amazing, a high if you will.
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